East Gippsland Shire Natural Values

This project, funded by the Australian Government,  has identified and assessed key biodiversity assets/values (extent & condition) under the jurisdiction of the East Gippsland Shire Council which have either been affected by recent bushfires or are likely to be impacted by influences such as urban development and other threatening processes.

It provides an audit of vegetation condition at a site level against existing benchmarks, enabling prioritisation of existing and future investment to maximise biodiversity outcomes in collaboration with the local community.

This project greatly strengthens both of our organisations ability to deliver biodiversity outcomes via partnership based projects but also importantly builds capacity to work collaboratively with a multitude of regional landcare groups who also consistently express a desire to work on Shire managed areas containing natural values.

This project also strengthens our regions partnerships between community environment groups and the East Gippsland Shire Council to manage bushfire recovery and other biodiversity orientated projects into the future.


Download the full final report HERE