Rainforests in and around local towns in East Gippsland

Rainforest in the East Gippsland coastal townships

Rainforests exist in the East Gippsland coastal townships of Lakes Entrance, Metung and Nungurner, Marlo, Mallacoota, and Lake Tyers.

This Paper was prepared by the East Gippsland Rainforests Conservation Management Network and formed the basis to the Rainforest Network’s submission to the East Gippsland Shire in response to its Urban Design Framework developed for the region in 2006. The submission identifies how the Shire can use the information contained within it to assist the planning for the future development of the region.

East Gippsland retains some of the most significant stands of rainforest left in Victoria that have both state and national significance.

All of the rainforests in the East Gippsland coastal areas are threatened, and many provide habitat for both Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999)-listed plants and Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (2988)-listed plants and animals.

Much of this rainforest estate has been cleared and all of the rainforest vegetation is either listed as threatened under State’s Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (1988) (the Warm Temperate Rainforest floristic communities) or is in the final stages of the nomination process (the Littoral Rainforest floristic communities) under the Federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity and Conservation Act (1999).

The East Gippsland Council and the community has obligations under these acts of Parliament to conserve these threatened rainforest communities as well as their threatened plants and animals.

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